The Christian Epic: An Experiment in Beauty, Truth and Goodness

This “experiment” is my effort to apply as fully as I could the ideal of marrying philosophy and poetry. I had to conclude in thinking through the ideal that the Christian story ought to be written as a poetic epic, and yet should also contain significant philosophy and comparative religion. I cannot promise that I succeeded. Indeed, you’ll notice that it is self-published because apparently no one else thought it special (or salable) enough. But if you want to read a sample, see the “Ode on the Suffering Christ” under the “Poems” heading. Perhaps later I will post a whole chapter. Meanwhile, if you care to risk buying and reading the Epic, you can buy one through me or through Presently I’m charging $15.99 for it, because that was’s direction, though it really is offered on Lulu at about $10. One can actually find it also on Amazon, but I think it costs more there than at Lulu, as Amazon does not offer the discount.