Maker! Am I not made for love?
Though fallen, cursed from the tree?
Sighing, remembering an innocence somehow stripped away,
Longing just to be free.
Eden calls like a voice grown weak and thin,
Drowned in the din,
Aware of my sin.
My heart is a city under siege,
An island in a wild, angry sea.
How long, o Lord,
Will you forget me evermore?
How long will you hide your face from me?
Rumbling, all the machinery of the day,
And all life echoes the same.
I listen, listening for whispers somewhere in the night
Somehow calling my name.
Icy, distant as stars in winter sky,
Quietly cry,
Lonely as I.
Standing in the darkness of the world,
Empty, silent as space.
My heart cries out
For the ever-living God,
When will I see Him face to face?
Deep calls to deep.
Wake, child asleep.
Rise at midnight, o crying child,
In the weeping rain and the thunder throbbing wild,
For the darkness bleeds with a warm and threatening light:
Every tear has worth; every sigh is right!
Maker! Yes, I am made for love,
Pouring my tears in the sea.
Maker, will you then come and dance this lonely love,
Sharing sorrow with me
Darkness is but the eclipse of greater light,
Promising sight:
Dawn comes tonight.


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